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XLOCK is a complete locker management system for Staff lockers and secure storage in any commercial environment.  Our innovative lock solutions operate with RFID cards or fobs, or connect via Bluetooth wireless control using our freely available App.

Uniquely, our locks are all usually powered with Lithium batteries, providing long life and easy replacement when required, avoiding the install costs of wired in locker systems.

We do offer a wired in lock solution if absolutely required, however you will be impressed with outstanding performance of our battery locks.

Our locker management program operates independently from your network, removing the concerns of IT professionals around data security and privacy.

XLOCK was founded and is headquartered in Lochau Austria by RFID  and lock system expert Thomas Vogler.

Under the Data Mobile Brand they have been supplying locker solutions to leading European corporate organisations such as Vodafone, Daimler and SAP.

In Asia Pacific the XLOCK range is distributed by a network of four dealers in Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Auckland known as XlockGroup.

Auckland, New Zealand
Perth, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Recent Projects

MunichRE Sydney

PG Auckland

Pay n Go Manila



Bluetooth connectivity with 3 year battery life

Clients Worldwide


As a standalone system, Xlock solutions can be installed on a range of product without the need for any wiring.  Staff lockers with Melamine or Steel Doors, Storage cabinets and Filing Units,  Mobile Drawer units, Stationery Cabinets and Gym Lockers.   The possibilities are endless.

Choose how you want to connect with your locks – whether by RFID Card or FOB, or via Bluetooth from your cellphone or smartwatch.

By providing full functionality without hard wiring Xlock gives you full control over your locker and secure storage fleet with lower build, installation and ongoing costs than hardwired solutions



At the heart of the XLOCK Locker Management System is the simple to operate and freely available XLOCK APP.  Simply download the App from the APP Store or Play store and create an account.  The administrator of the locks can then name the locks in accordance with their numbering protocol and operate them from the Tablet Supplied with all Bluetooth lock systems.   The administrator can either issue Staff an RFID card or they can also download the App and once registered the administrator can end them an or permission to operate a specific lock.  That E-key can be for a specific time or permanently set.

There is no need to worry about battery functionality – the app displays in real time the battery level of all locks to the administrator and they are expected to last three years or more depending on utilisation.

Lock usage is recorded and updated on the Xlock server so the Administrator can always check on utilisation and understand who has accessed a locker.

We also have a solution for businesses that need to operate unallocated lockers where staff move between locations.

With the addition of Bluetooth Gateways connected to a wifi network the administrators management of the locks is completely remote, so systems can be managed in a range of locations or cities if required.

Xlock100 BLE and Xlock 180 BLE

Identical in functionality, the choice between these locks is dictated by  the latch format and what will work best on your locker or door format as one lock attaches in landscape and the other in portrait.

Key Features:

For lockers

  • RFID 13.56MhZ – MiFare Classic, Desfire, ISO14443a, or
  • For allocated lockers
  • Operated via swipe card, or Bluetooth LE via an included Android / iOS App. Bluetooth enables “e-keys” to be sent, data log access and user card management.
  • Single tap operation – tap card to unlock and close the door to lock.
  • Operated via Master Card
  • Battery life 3 years

XLOCK 40 Miflex

The perfect lock for freelocker applications and ideal for gyms Xlock 40 has a retracting tongue and latch that fits to melamine doors and provides easy access.  The Miflex technology means that once a user has locked one locker
it is dedicated to their tag, and they are unable to lock subsequent lockers while that tag is linked.

Key Features

  • RFID 125kHz Proxy, or
  • RFID 13.56MhZ – MiFare Classic, Desfire, ISO14443a, or
  • Multireader for multiple RFID technologies, with the option of data connectivity.
  • For allocated lockers or non alllocated “freelocker” applications.
  • LED notification light.
  • Tap card to unlock and tap card again to lock
  • Operated via Master Card
  • Battery life 3 years

Watch the video of them in action here


Our basic lock format – controlled via a Mastercard for programming in compatible RFID cards for either individual use or multiple user access.
Economical and reliable!

Key Features

  • RFID 125kHz Proxy, or
  • RFID 13.56MhZ – MiFare Classic, Desfire, ISO14443a
  • Best for allocated lockers
  • Single tap operation – tap card to unlock and close the door to lock.
  • Operated via Master Card
  • Battery life 3 years

Watch these locks in action here.

For pricing and further information, please get in touch with us