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Far More Than Furniture – Re-designing audiovisual

In Artome smart furniture high-tech meets organic forms. Our movable products come with integrated laser-projector, built-in sound system and videoconferencing feature.

The easiest solution

Factory-made Artome M10 is a movable presentation solution. It eliminates the need for audiovisual design, installation and cabling.

The product comes with built-in laser projector and sound system. This all-in-one furniture solution can be connected to a device with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly and it enables a user-friendly experience with basic control panel.

Adaptable spaces

Artome M10 transforms any space for presentation or learning. Only a light coloured wall or a screen is needed as a reflection surface.

The image size grows up to five meters wide by moving the Artome M10 further away from the wall. The sound is suitable for larger events too and the experience can be enlarged with external speakers.

Enabling videoconferencing

Artome M10+ enables easy videoconferencing with an integrated camera and connections for microphones.

The experience can be shared flexibly for both people sitting in room and remotely.

Image size matters

The larger the image, the clearer the information for everyone in the room.

Research* shows, that for analytical viewing the image size from corner to corner should be 120 inches if the viewing distance is 6 meters.

*AVIXA the Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Association

Positive effects for construction

Artome M10 reduces the total cost of construction. It eliminates the need for electrical planning, cabling or installation.

The costs are always known in advance and the delivery time is accurate, as it does not depend on the progress of other contractors.

Artome M10

Smart furniture solution for presentation and videoconferencing

adaptable image size: 60-150″
2.1. sound system
Artome USB 3.0 hub and audio interface
integrated camera
wireless table microphone

For pricing and further information, please get in touch with us